Research & Innovation

Making bold moves in fast changing global market

Insight and a fresh perspective on problems are the foundations of innovation. Our breadth, depth, and scale, along with our enthusiasm for business innovation, generate significant opportunities for our clients to remain ahead of the curve, deliver meaningful impact, and turn disruption into long-term value.
Yet, despite the fact that innovation is one of the last remaining drivers of trend-breaking growth, many businesses fail because they approach it as an art, expecting that brainstorming and spontaneous flashes of inspiration will help them win. They aren’t going to. I Market & Manage assists businesses in achieving long-term success in today’s competitive marketplaces by bringing discipline and order to the process of systematically identifying new sources of development.
Research Innovation
Research Innovation

This is how we help

Working with senior executives, we investigate how forces of change may affect the company and industry, as well as where opportunities may be found amid the seemingly chaotic landscape. We then set a “innovation ambition” and assist with diagnosing and resolving internal issues. Finally, we counsel senior executives on their roles in fostering innovation.

We assist businesses in turning chances and ideas into new ventures. We uncover fresh insights about customers using generative research methods and integrate those ideas into commercial concepts that encompass numerous sorts of innovation. We make prototyping and testing easier so that new offers may be fine-tuned before being launched and scaled. We employ strategy, marketing, and enterprise analytics to refine, pilot, and launch the new business with the help of the client implementation team.

Discipline, expertise, and experience are required for long-term innovation effectiveness. We work with clients to create their own unique innovation capabilities, methods, and structures that are tailored to their business. This includes integrating innovation throughout the organisation, establishing networks and governance structures, establishing incentives and benchmarks, and implementing learning programmes to teach innovation methods.