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Are you ready to revolutionise and innovate your company? From strategy formulation through implementation, IMM allows you to create, deliver, and run your future, wherever you compete, using the most cutting-edge technologies. Because impact isn’t something that happens by itself. We can make history if we work together.

Businesses all across the world are still determined to either discover or create a path ahead following the previous year’s turmoil. Many companies are integrating their business and technology strategies and relying on digital platforms. Oracle is poised to help organisations build an enterprise that can evolve and take on the next disruption with agility and resilience, thanks to technologies and applications that can modernise the core, incorporate emerging technologies, harness data, produce meaningful insights, and transform supply chains – all while bolstering cyber defences.


Creating a flexible business that can change with I Market and Manage

Boost your digital transformation

The COVID-19 problem has sparked significant and unanticipated change. A rising number of businesses across all industries are speeding up their digital transformation initiatives, not only to make their operations more agile and efficient, but also to respond to major shifts in demand and customer expectations.

The analysis investigates how firms may profit on each trend by applying it to their business, according to the IMM Tech Trends report, which was conducted by our market research team. We hope it inspires you to think about how you might use the power to speed up your digital transformation efforts and, as a result, become a more agile and resilient company.