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IMM’S Digital War Room Incubator Program

We enable enterprises to derive new value from digital by developing new products, experiences, and businesses. Our clients aspire to establish the capacity to offer new ideas, new products, and new systems at scale, all while gaining a long-term competitive advantage in digital. Market has demands and doesn’t wait for legacy outdated technologies processes because it’s moving fast.
We help organisations grow and prosper in the digital age by bringing together the skills needed to help them grow and thrive. We assist our clients in using the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernising core systems and leveraging new technology, optimising and automating operations, driving digital growth, creating amazing digital experiences, and developing digital talent and culture.
Startup Booster
Startup Booster

How we help to achieve your goals

We have various patented solutions, a dedicated capability building academy, and an ecosystem of partners and affiliations with the world’s premier technology businesses to supplement our in-house capabilities.

IMM Digital War Room Incubation now accounts for more than 40% of our activities. We’ve served thousands of clients and completed hundreds of technological transformations and new-business builds in just the last few years.

Long after we’ve left, we continue to assist our clients in developing the culture and competencies required to be nimble and innovative ahead of the market. This is the kind of change that counts.