What is Saas Solution and It’s Future


The Software-as-Service (SaaS) is a subscription based prototype for providing various software/ services with the help of the internet. Unlike the traditional on-premises, SaaS based model do want the user to be physically present at a certain location. SaaS software can be accessed from anywhere using almost any device. SaaS based technology solution became a success because of its key benefits which include :

  • Instant access
  • Better scalability
  • Operational flexibility
  •  No heavy investment on infrastructure
  • Free from installation, maintenance and integration issue
  • Low upfront cost
  • Automatic feature updates

Primarily the cloud model has been divided into 3 main categories:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Software as a Servie (SaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service includes providing services such as servers, VM (virtual machine), networks, operating systems (OS), storage any many more. This service as a platform givescompanies  complete authority over there application and foundation without investing in physical servers, networking and storage as vendors takes care of it. IaaS services costing are higher due to complex services offered by vendors. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) model is similar to IaaS but with some additional tools such as database management, BI services (business intelligence). Basically a cloud service providing platform to create a framework for companies to develop customize applications. It gives developers complete authority to develop applications without worrying about the operating systems, their updates and infrastructural issues. Perfect for companies who look forward to develop and control their application without getting into struggle and inconvenience of networking & servers by paying moderate cost.

What is best for your business?

Well, that’s totally depend on your business need or requirement and you can go after one, or all three of types. For instance, SaaS cloud computing is perfect for small businesses and companies looking forward to reduce cost of business and handle fluctuating demand of market. However, PaaS is ideal for companies who wants create and control their own application. Many large companies use combination of cloud as well as latest cloud computing solutions but rapidly growing small and mid size enterprises  sifting heavily towards cloud solutions services.  

 Cloud Technology – The door to new era of IT innovation

Is cloud technology really a game changer? Instantaneous, if answer required in a word. Cloud based platforms allows real-time analysis views on your data which allows a faster insight about the data. It helps the organisations to take possible precise decisions giving them an extra edge while competing in the market. However, the industry is still under the transition phase when it comes to comparison of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. For instance, not all clouds are created equal. IaaS and Paas cloud bases platforms were built with the help of decade-old technology. Recent generation cloud services are designed to keep up with modern innovations such AI, Blockchain & Internet of Things (IoT). With a recent survey happened in UK in 2020 (during pandemic lockdown) companies (users at all level) mentioned :

  •  82% of IT decisions makers accepted that cloud model of technology makes them more agile.
  • 49% of enterprise believed that integration and upgradation time is faster, which is the key reason for migrating to modern cloud platform. 

IT industry – On a path of Automation

Still there are technology professionals who engage in activities (operations) such as back up, scaling, monitoring, acquiring and secure critical information.  Automation system making all these actives looks old and traditional. As per Oracle’s report by 2025, 90% of all manual IT database systems and operations will be fully automated. The unattended and self updated process of getting data making the data analysis much faster and eventually helping in making operational decisions faster. It helps in avoiding manual and error prone management tasks. Two man reasons which encourage the industry to switch to automation are Low cost and enhanced productivity.  

AI’S Impact is Everywhere

Enterprises has started adopting AI(artificial intelligence) and modifying their computing requirements as its helping them to receive, manage and secure database in a better and systemaize way. Because its helping the enterprises in improved efficiency, increased production and low cost, market researchers started predicting that 100% of enterprises application will involve some form of AI by 2025. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Media & Customer Services industry  has already started their journey with AI. Although creative and innovative minds believes that its just a start, its a long way to go. 

 Creation of Smart Cities Initiatives

The amount of people living in urban areas has increased 6times around the world since 1950. The cities are fighting to keep up the situation. Technology is trying to manage and create smarter cities to manage the current and future developments. Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a vital role in creating well organised, capable and safe smart cities. There are remarkable contributions if IoT in improving safety measures, transportation, Health, Environment, Open data systems, Smart trash collection system and many more. Many things can be described from each sector, however the perfect example will be coming from China during pandemic times. With the help of drones (facial recognition technology) the government was able to track the people affected with coronavirus. Ensuring infected citizens follow quarantine and reduced chances of spreading virus. 

Conclusion: Cloud model of technology eliminate human errors, complexity and manual human efforts in any operation of an enterprise. It is important for companies of all sizes and geography to transitioned into next generation cloud computing technology.  



What is Saas Solution and It’s Future

The Software-as-Service (SaaS) is a subscription based prototype for providing various software/ services with the help of the internet. Unlike the traditional on-premises, SaaS based

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