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Your business's best asset is Google, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain the value of the asset!

Are you losing Business?

Did you know that
46% of people do product searches first on google and 90% stated that they would probably click on the first set of results.

Although google my business is open to use, perfecting it takes effort, expertise, and knowledge. It should not be forgotten because it is such a key marketing tool.

By showing up at the top of Google’s search results, you have a good chance to improve your local visibility.

Your business's best asset is Google.

Although Google My Business is open to use, perfecting it takes effort, expertise, and knowledge. It should not be forgotten because it is such a key marketing tool.


Ensure that your description includes specific details about your company. Your service will be more visible on Google if the algorithm can determine with greater accuracy if it matches the online specific search purpose.


A business page that is not active is ranked far lower than one that is. Thus, make sure there are frequent changes, such as recent photo uploads or activities, and address any queries or feedback from customers.


Make sure your profile is grammatically accurate and that all of the main information complements that on your website and other sites in the digital business. This improves your company's reputation on Google.

Location Assistance

You can shorten the time it takes a user to complete a search for a product or service by using data sources from Google. You will receive information of higher quality, with much less confusion and more reliable responses.

Get New Customers

With Google My Business, you may be seen by your target demographic in your neighbourhood and attract new consumers. Local customers will be more inclined to use your products or services multiple times.


IMM did an admirable job on the SEO work for 5 months, and I have began receiving google inquiries as a result. This company’s strong exposure is assisting me with business inquiries, and I am thinking about getting back in touch with them again soon to expand my reach internationally.

Zac Nale

Business head

Amazing site design for our firm and SEO services were offered by the IMM for our new venture. The fact that they are terrific individuals and a pleasure to work with is what matters most.

Zain Shah

Main Manager

They work well as a team, are quite prompt in their responses to inquiries, and respect deadlines. They offer helpful suggestions and are really useful. They give you perspectives and ideas that you might not have otherwise considered. My encounter has been fantastic!

Wali Akhter


My needs were definitely met. Despite the delays on my part, you guys were really understanding. All of our needs were satisfied, and the pricing was reasonable. I would wholeheartedly suggest you guys to knock the doors of IMM to fulfil your digital marketing needs.

Patrick Von

Operations head