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Social media is the new word of mouth! Social media is actively used by ABOUT 42% of people. You have a GREAT MARKET OPPORTUNITY here.

Get More in your business with Social media marketing

Our experts can assist you in developing and managing an effective social media marketing strategy, regardless of your business.

A good social media presence includes more than randomly posting and updating your status. Many businesses on social media successfully develop long-lasting relationships with their potential customers that develop real trust.

Why you should use Social Media Marketing?

76% of business fail due to ineffective social media branding. Don’t be a part of this statistics, choose imm now!

Managing brand

Undoubtedly, your brand is highly essential, so our social media team will always be available to help convert possible consumer complaints into positive feedback. We maintain your profiles on all channels.

Social Media Platforms

There are many different ways that businesses can use social media. We will be available to assist you in selecting the appropriate platform, ensuring that your company is represented precisely as you desire.

Social Media Monitoring

We will monitor the social networks to find out who is talking about you. This makes sure that you remain in the conversation's lead and prepared to participate whenever it is necessary.

Reporting & Analysis

We like data, and our social media reporting can help you detect and guide future actions across all of your advertising networks as well as what your customers think about you.

Competitive analysis

Competitors are a wonderful source of comparison and can help you perform at a higher level. Our social professionals will compile a list of your key competitors based on their search online activity and determine how they are interacting with customers.


IMM did an admirable job on the SEO work for 5 months, and I have began receiving google inquiries as a result. This company’s strong exposure is assisting me with business inquiries, and I am thinking about getting back in touch with them again soon to expand my reach internationally.

Zac Nale

Business head

Amazing site design for our firm and SEO services were offered by the IMM for our new venture. The fact that they are terrific individuals and a pleasure to work with is what matters most.

Zain Shah

Main Manager

They work well as a team, are quite prompt in their responses to inquiries, and respect deadlines. They offer helpful suggestions and are really useful. They give you perspectives and ideas that you might not have otherwise considered. My encounter has been fantastic!

Wali Akhter


My needs were definitely met. Despite the delays on my part, you guys were really understanding. All of our needs were satisfied, and the pricing was reasonable. I would wholeheartedly suggest you guys to knock the doors of IMM to fulfil your digital marketing needs.

Patrick Von

Operations head
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